About Rannkly’s features

Last updated on October 16 2020 ~2 min read
Vishnu Sharma

Rannkly is an online reputation management tool that allows businesses to monitor, analyse & reply to their customer reviews, posted on top review platforms, from one dashboard. It also helps them to generate new reviews and engage potential customers with the words of satisfied ones.

Dashboard: Your online reputation overview at a glance

User can see:

  1. The overall rating of their business (based on the info from connected review platforms)
  2. Rating for specific date ranges
  3. Rating breakdown from different review platforms
  4. Rating breakdown based on stars
  5. Overall sentiment analysis based on the reviews from connected platforms (positive, neutral or negative)
My Reviews:

Follow up on every customer interaction

Users can read, reply & set automated replies to the reviews in the 1st tab. Google questions are shown in the 2nd tab if Google My Business is connected. Negative (1-3 star) customer reviews from review requests are shown in the 3rd tab with the user's client’s contact (email & phone) details so the user can follow up on the negative feedback.

Real time notifications in Rannkly dashboard will inform a user about new reviews & Google questions.

Generate Reviews:

Generate genuine customer reviews

Users can send a review request to customer(s) via email or SMS and ask to review their business by leaving a review on selected review platforms. Customer Review/Ratings which are less than 3 are posted internally, so that team members can work on the feedback and positive reviews above 3 are posted on the review platforms.

Automated Responses:

Automate your review responses

Users can set a predefined automated response on a selected star rating, on a selected review platform and on a selected location(s) (if relevant). Users can define the response of their choice or select from Rannkly templates. When a review of an automated rating is left on a review platform, Rannkly automatically leaves a response within 5-10 min time. Sentiment algorithm also analyses the content of the review and detects whether it matches the selected rating. If a mismatch is detected, the user is notified via email about inconsistencies and asked to reply to the review manually.


Track and share your progress with the team

User can generate PDF review reports for selected date range & location. User can also schedule periodic reports to be sent to a selected email address(es).

Connect Review Platform:

Top review platforms in one dashboard

User can (currently) connect Google My Business, Facebook, Zomato & Google Play accounts to Rannkly and import all reviews to Rannkly dashboard. If a user has linked multiple locations in Rannkly, different pages of each review platform can be linked to each location. Connection flows & functionality varies depending on the platform.


Monitor your online reviews from multiple locations

Users can add multiple locations to their Rannkly account and connect different review platform accounts for each location. Locations can also have different team members assigned to manage customer reviews.

My Team:

Take your teamwork to the next level

Business owners can invite their team to Rannkly. Invited users can be given 3 types of permissions: Contributor, Manager & Owner. Each user can be assigned 1 or more locations.

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