How to update my payment details

Last updated on October 19 2020 ~1 min read
Vishnu Sharma

Select Business Settings from the side bar.

Click on Billing

Click on Explore Plan

Click on the plan that you want.

If your existing plan is Premium & you choose to downgrade it to Basic plan, then it will ask you to remove a few features.

Click on Go To Dashboard & remove excess features that Basic plan won’t permit.

Or Click on Choose another plan if you want to Upgrade to Enterprise

Once you have made the changes to the feature as per the plan you are selecting, go back to billing section, click on edit details, select the plan you want || Click on Edit details in payment page or Click on Place order if the card details are correct.

If you select on place Order, confirm the change of plan by clicking on YES.

If you want to edit details, click on Edit Details.

Edit the company details & card details by selecting a new card || Then click on Review Order.

Click on Place order.

Confirm the change of plan by clicking on YES.

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